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Welcome to the Marine Technology Society Manned Underwater Vehicles Committee web site. Manned Submersibles have fascinated society for hundreds of years and have played an important role in history by opening up the oceans to human exploration. 


This web site is dedicated as a relevant information and resource center for manned submersible issues. At the core of this site is the MTS MUV database, a unique central compilation of information on active submersibles, operators and manufacturers around the world. In addition this home page provides quick access to announcements, news and information on the Committee activities. At the center of these activities is our yearly Manned Submersible Program held at the Underwater Intervention Conference. Whether you are an operator, engineer, scientist, educator, historian or an interested bystander, this site is here to serve you. The Resources page provides relevant books, articles, publications, and useful website links. Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome any suggestion that would make this site more useful for the community at large. 










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