About the MUV Committee

We encourage everyone who participates in the “manned” quest, evolution and exploration of the underwater world through the use of submersible vehicles to become an MTS member. The use of manned submersible vehicles spans a wide range of applications in the commercial, military and research industries. Take a moment to consider the benefits of participating in a Committee of your peers that represents every discipline of the diverse industry of Manned Submersibles. There is no better way to stay connected and keep informed. The committee website provides downloadable presentations that cover a full spectrum of current issues and topics on operations, materials science, technology solutions and regulatory standards facing the manned submersible industry. In addition, information on submersible operations, exploration logistics, pilot training and a comprehensive database of operators, suppliers and manufacturers are part of the valuable resources the committee has developed for member use.Whether you are a commercial or research operator, pilot, manufacturer, engineer, scientist, educator, historian, explorer or fascinated bystander, the Manned Underwater Vehicles Committee of the Marine Technology Society is here to serve you. 

Attend the Next ANNUAL MUV Committee MEETING

MTS MUV COMMITTEE MEETING – New Orleans, February, 5-7 2019
During the MTS Manned Submersible Program at Underwater Intervention 2019

The Manned Underwater Vehicles Committee meets annually, during the Underwater Intervention Conference, in conjunction with the Manned Submersible Program events.

For More Details Contact: 

William Kohnen: Chair, Manned Underwater Vehicles Committee